How to dominate Earth Zero

Leading up to INO, “Test-Drive” all Tank Combinations & Abilities!
Alpha Game Launch Trailer

22nd Jan to 22nd Feb 2022

"Test-Drive" ALL upcoming INO NFT Tanks & Parts!

  • 12 Unique Tanks of 4 Tank Parts (Hatch, Gun, Hull, Engine), 5 Levels of Rarities
  • Experience Assembling Your Own Tank
  • Be empowered with all Skills & Effects
  • Strategize your tank team in 7v7 PVP

Immerse in the full interface upgrade! Start Earning $A.O.T & Brodium!

Web Access:

Compatible Wallets: Metamask Wallet
Game Mode: Age of Tanks Alpha PVP (7V7)

Mix and match, to assemble at least 7 ultimate armored war machines daily!

  • Assemble every Tank with 4 Tank Parts (Hatch, Gun, Hull, Engine)
  • Each part has 5 different rarities, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic giving rise to different attributes and appearances
  • Different skills are available for every part, empowered with bonus skills
  • Allowing for infinite strategic possibilities!
Knowledge is Power, the Tank Manual is the path to domination!
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