Age Of Tanks NFTs

Ways to obtain AOT Tank and Facility NFTs

Tank NFTs

Assembly / Minting of Tank NFTs


  • Contain tank parts (Hatch, Gun, Hull, Engine)
  • Released daily and gamers will be able to use earned Brodium to bid for a Blindboxes
Tank parts may not be transferred or sold
Please refer to Blindbox & Bidding to find out everything on Blindboxes and how to purchase them!

Assembly / Minting

  • Once 4 parts have been gathered, players may choose to assemble a Tank NFT and mint it with A.O.T Tokens
  • If you choose not to mint the tank, it will automatically be dismantled back into 4 parts
  • Freshly minted tanks will have a 2 hour cooldown time before it becomes playable (Timer will be displayed)

Cost of Assembly / Minting

Individual part rarities and respective points
Tank Rarity - Part Points to form the rarity - A.O.T Cost - Assembly Time
For more on Tank Rarity, refer to Tank Rarity & Team Class

Buying / Selling of Tank NFTs

  • Tanks NFTs may be bought or sold through the in-game Marketplace
Refer to Marketplace for more information

Official Partnering Guilds

  • Players may also choose to join our official partnering guilds to rent or purchase a Tank NFT

Facilities NFTs

  • NFT Facilities are only obtainable from Age of Tanks Official Partnering Guilds
  • Holders of facilities NFT will have managing, production and defensive permissions
  • Empower holders chance to receive massive additional rewards and airdrops