PvE Campaign & Story mode

Full guide and instructions

PvE Game Modes

  • PvE 1 - Single Tank Battle (Own 1 Tank to unlock)
  • PvE 3 - 3 Tanks Battle Team (Own 3 Tanks to unlock)
  • PvE 7 - 7 Tanks Battle Team (Own 7 Tanks to unlock)

Entering PvE

  • Click on BATTLE button
  • Click on PvE 1, PvE 3 or PvE 7 to enter PvE
Reminder: Each PvE round cost 5 energy

PvE Chapters and Missions

  • 5 Chapters with 5 Missions
  • Each chapter level difficulty rewards you with Brodium
  • Brodium reward varies per chapter difficulty level
Refer to PvE Rewards table

PvE Mission Start

  • To start the mission, simply click on START Button or if you want to go back, simply click the BACK Button
  • There are exciting back stories for all Chapters you are challenging!

PvE Tank Team Assembly

  • Assemble your tank fleet, hit PLAY and let the battle commerce!
  • Additional Chapters and Levels unlocks as soon as mission is accomplished
Brodium earned will be used to bid blindbox to open up tank parts of random rarities

Lastly, Assemble.Outwit.Triumph!