PvP Modes & Ranking

Guide and Instructions to PVP

Daily Battle Time Slots (Same as Daily Bidding Time Slots)

  • 3am to 6am UTC
  • 9am to 12pm UTC
  • 4pm to 7pm UTC

PvP Game Modes

There are now 3 modes to PVP
  • 1v1 All Out Battle
  • 7v7 All out Battle
  • 7v7 Ranked Battle

Entering PvP

  • Click on BATTLE button
  • Click on either 1v1 All Out, 7v7 Ranked or 7v7 All Out to Enter PVP
Reminder: Every PVP round cost 5 energy

PvP Tank Team Assembly

  • Assemble your tank fleet, hit PLAY and let the battle commerce!

PvP Weekly Rankings

Top 20 in our weekly rankings will have additional A.O.T Token rewards!
  • Only 7v7 Ranked Battles are tabulated into the ranking
  • Weekly rankings will be calculated from Monday UTC 0:00 to Sunday UTC 24:00
  • Rewards will vary between each team class
For more on the forming Team Class, refer to Tank Rarity & Team Class
For more on Weekly Ranking rewards, refer PvP Rewards