Gamer Types

F2P, Scholars and NFT Gamers!

🕹️ Free-to-Play Gamers

  • Upon registration, ALL players will receive a free basic tank (non-NFT) to kick-start their journey in Earth Zero Metaverse!
  • Go through the simple 5-Steps tutorial to assemble your first Tank
Receiving free basic tank (non-NFT)
  • After completion of tutorial, PvE will be open to the players and they will receive 5 Brodium upon their first success battle
Refer to PvE Campaign & Story Mode and PvE Rewards to learn more

🎓 Scholars

  • All benefits of Free-to-Play gamers
  • Through the Concats Academy, scholars will be able to rent tank NFTs with A.O.T Tokens as deposit
  • Rewards will be split based on contract agreement at point of rent
  • Missions for guild members will be assigned by individual guilds via Guild page
Estimated commencement of Scholarship System in early May.
Registration for Guild Masters to establish new guilds and Scholars will be able to apply to join Guilds very soon!
For more on Concats Academy and Guild, refer to Game Modes & Functions

🎮 NFT Gamers

  • All benefits of Free-to-Play gamers
  • Tank NFTs of high rarities will be able to earn more daily rewards
For gameplay, refer to PvE Campaign & Story mode and PvP Modes & Ranking
For rewards, refer to PvE Rewards and PvP Rewards