Participation Requirements

For individuals, whitelisters, guilds and partners!


  • Stake 100 $A.O.T to receive Energy and begin your conquest!

  • All Staking will be locked for the initial 24 hours

  • Staking will commerce from 20th Jan 2022, 12am UTC onwards

  • Upon unstake request, $A.O.T will be returned the following day after 3am UTC

Tier 1 and 2 Whitelisters

Whitelisters will always be the cornerstone of our success and are always treated like family!

  • All whitelisted wallet addresses are automatically Alpha enlisted!

  • Start earning Brodium, $A.O.T and NFT Tanks!

Guilds & Partners

All esteemed Guilds & Partners are highly valued and extremely appreciated

  • All whitelisted wallet addresses invited are automatically Alpha enlisted!

  • Awards and recognition favour the brave and the bold!

For interested Guilds/Partners, drop us an email at!

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