2. About Us

Mission, Vision, Values, Our Position, Our Tone of Voice

2. About Us


Blast the gaming and crypto ecosystems:

Bring the quality and depth of gameplay of true gamers to the crypto ecosystem. Bring the decentralized and rewarding mindset of true crypto entrepreneurs to the gaming ecosystem


We are creating a gaming environment that will blast the boundaries of what has been done in gaming in the past, while providing gamers an NFT-gaming experience that is finally worth their time.


To create. To inspire. To reward.

Our Position

We are here to blast both the gaming and crypto ecosystems, and finally bring a game that will be worth gamers time.

If you’re tired of NFT games that are only based on the technology, but are not good games. If you’re tired of spending thousands of hours and not get anything out of it. Look no further, you’re in the right place.

We bring you the best of NFTs and Metaverse technology, served by deep, smart and immersive gameplay. Not only will you want to invest yourself in Age of Tanks, but you will be rewarded for it!

Our Tone of Voice

We are the Next Generation:

We are here to blast the position of the leaders of our category. They were perfect for the time gone by, but time has changed. Let’s move on!

We are Builders:

We are here to build the gaming ecosystem of tomorrow, we are looking forward, not backward. Things are growing, and we’ll never be done trying to do even better.

We are Confident:

We are never at loss for a word. We see what others do, and we know we can do better. We are never harsh, or gratuitously vicious, but always ready to find ways to top them.!

We are Human:

We are not another faceless crypto company that people don’t understand a thing about. We are human, with our personalities and flaws. We show ourselves, are close to our community and embody our values and mission

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