The purpose of $AOT is to create an economic incentive to encourage users to participate in all Age of Tanks activities, to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the game.

$AOT has two main goals: Reward players for their participation in Age of Tanks, incentivizing them to utilize $AOT for transactions, thus creating an internal closed-loop ecosystem, and promoting Ownership and Governance of the game.

$A.O.T Rewards Pool

Players will be rewarded with $A.O.T from the Rewards Pool when they play and compete in-game. The Rewards Pool will be accounted for daily at 0000 hours (GMT+8) of the following day, and $A.O.T will be credited into the Player’s account.

Daily $AOT Reward Pool St is based on the $AOT consumed in the system.

St = Ct ∗ M + Cs

C t : Daily $A.O.T consumed. (Minting, Forging and Marketplace Fees) M : Balanced $A.O.T in Reward Pool (1.0>M>0) will be destroyed. C s : $A.O.T awarded via staking, will be pegged to liquidity

Player’s Reward Pool Sa prize calculation:

Sa = St ∗ Pa / Pn

P a: Player’s daily in-game contributions. P n: Total Players daily in-game contributions.

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