5. Gameplay Overview


Age of Tanks has a dynamic campaign progression and leveling system that rewards players as they progress through the game. Players can keep earning more XP to increase their CHAMPION Level in advancing through the different stages of the campaign.


CHAMPIONS are masters at scavenging. Frequently modifying old tech with new to construct weapons or armor. Once these plans and parts were ready, they would be brought to the Iron Forge for further development and assembly. CHAMPIONS who have gathered enough parts to form fleets of tanks would hone their skills against other Champions in the arena.

Gamers can choose to sell parts they have obtained or assemble 4 separate parts into a super tank for conquest and conquer. There are different skills available for every part, with some having special bonus attributes to unleash on the battlefield, thus allowing for infinite strategic possibilities. Tanks, after being assembled, will be minted to actual NFTs and can be traded in the NFT marketplace.

Find out what happens to Earth Zero and your CHAMPION in the fight to conquest!

Gameplay Flowchart

5.1 Scavenging

Players will start the game with a CHAMPION and Basic Tank and scavenge for Brodium thru Campaigns, Brodium Arena and PVP battlefields. Once you have accumulated enough Brodium, you can use them to open mystery Warchests of different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mystic). Each Warchest contains a random part either an Hatch, Gun, Hull or Engine of choice rarity, that can be used to forge higher rarity parts or to assemble a Tank.

5.2 Forge

When you have an inventory of parts, you can also upgrade it via Forging. Forging is where gamers can merge the common parts that they farmed to have a probability of getting even stronger parts of higher rarity.

Parts used to forge will be burned. This way while new parts are generated, old parts are burned or taken out of circulation. This mechanism solves the problem of overpopulation, as players must sacrifice parts to strengthen their Tanks. Hence, the supply and demand will stay balanced to increase the scarcity of rare parts and NFT.

Since gamers can collect, assemble and upgrade new parts into their own unique tanks, this enables them to keep farming to upgrade their tanks to Ultimate War Machines!!

5.3 Assemble and Mint

Assemble a Tank with 4 parts (Hatch, Gun, Hull and Engine) that you are satisfied with and mint it into a Tank NFT.

5.4 Battle and Conquer

One of the core features of the game is the PVP arenas where gamers can battle to scale the ranks and win Brodiums and $A.O.T tokens.

The higher a gamer ranks, the better the rewards. Top gamers will also be rewarded at the end of each season with $A.O.T tokens, which act as an incentive for the more professional scene.

There are 3 types of different PVP Arenas:

a) 1v1 Brodium Arena:

Players will battle it out with 1 tank each for Brodium rewards, available for basic tanks and tank NFTs.

b) 1v1 $AOT Arena:

Players will battle it out with 1 tank each for $A.O.T rewards. Only tanks assembled with 4 parts of Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mystic can participate in this arena. There will be a seasonal ranking with higher rewards in $A.O.T .

c) 7v7 $AOT Arena:

There are 3 ways to form a team.

  • Use your own 7 tanks, or

  • Team up with your friend(s), or

  • Send 1 to 6 of your tanks to randomly matchmake and form a team with other gamers.

The matchmaking will consider various numbers of factors such as rank, recent match results, the skill level of the player, attributes of tanks, etc. Such a system would allow players to match-make with other players that have similar overall capabilities, promoting gaming enjoyment and earning $AOT at a more desirable pace.

5.5 King of the CHAMPION

Age of Tanks will be hosting monthly competitions, whereby top-ranking players stand to win attractive prizes such as $A.O.T, limited edition parts/tanks, and so on.

5.6 Build your base

As they grew in power, CHAMPIONS get restless. Often looking beyond their borders to acquire land to establish their own base. Idealism or greed, it was time to unify Earth Zero.

The metaverse of Earth Zero is one of the biggest elements that will add a vast range of interaction opportunities between gamers to fulfill the social aspect that extends far beyond the game.

5.7 Grow your fleet

It is advisable to upkeep a fleet with variety for pitting against different opponents.

5.8 Trade and Earn

Happens to have multiple duplicates of parts? Sell them at our marketplace for $A.O.T . Players can also purchase parts using $A.O.T at the marketplace to forge, assemble and mint a TANK NFT that they are satisfied with.

5.9 Unite and Conquer Earth Zero

Once a Player’s CHAMPION reaches a certain level and owns a “LAND”, the player can create a guild with a small fee.

Guild Masters can set Guild membership requirements to increase the quality of their Guild membership. Players can apply to any guild as long as they meet the guild’s requirements. Players can also join through guild invitations.

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