4. Game Overview

3. Game Overview

The year, 23100. Planet Earth Zero.

The ozone layer that protectively embraced the planet no longer exists. In place of the once sparkling teal oceans were vast expanse of sand dunes. Exposed to harsh solar storms, the skies rage with turbulent winds, that frequently kick up the dust creating sandstorms that blanket the entire globe. The desolation of this Earth can be traced back to one singular event, the 2nd Impact.

Scientists predicted the arrival of Comet C/16505, and in the face of adversity, all of Earth Zero banded together. Scientists created a missile that could knock the comet out of orbit, thus avoiding destruction. The world cheered as its saviors fired towards the sky.

The result, however, was miscalculated. Upon collision C/16505 shattered, that was the first impact. The world screamed as the fragmented comet continued hurtling, unwavering towards its intention. The raptured pieces of the comet spread across the sky and rained fire upon the globe. That was the 2nd impact. It was never certain whether it was the pieces of C/16505 that burned away the ozone or the aftermath of storms and ashes. What was certain, was that from all the chaos, elements from C/16505 and the elements of Earth fused.

Giving rise to the most precious element of all, Brodium.

In the aftermath of the 2nd impact,

humans of Earth Zero or CHAMPIONS, scattered across the globe seeking refuge wherever they could. Eventually building cities around pockets of water and patches of oasis. Surviving in such a harsh environment, CHAMPIONS learn to be efficient with their use of resources. Scraping together any old tech and relics they unearth to build robust machinery. This frugality made them territorial, and there was tension between surviving cities.

It was on a chance encounter that the immense power of Brodium was discovered. As research progressed, a method of refining Brodium to its true essence, AOT, was invented.

Before long, champions started to emerge. Some are driven by the idealistic dream of uniting all of Earth Zero while others for nothing more than greed. On this Earth, where sea travel was inconsequential and the flight was futile, the fight for supremacy hinged on land warfare. Iron Forges with technology to produce and assemble armored vehicles became the ultimate power.

For who controls the tanks control AOT. And who controls the AOT, controls the earth.


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