6. Game Features

6.1 Four Major Tank Parts

Each tank is made up of 4 different tank parts, Hatch, Gun, Hull, and Engine. Each part has 5 different rarities, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic, giving rise to different attributes and appearances.

These parts can be obtained by using Brodiums earned in gameplay to unlock the mystery warchest. Gamers can also opt to forge or purchase mystery warchest. Additionally, gamers can directly purchase individual parts, and even ready assembled NFT tanks directly from our NFT marketplace. The 4 major parts to be assembled are:


The Hatch part provides Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, and AOE damage. All hatch parts have different Weights.


The Guns parts will determine how much base attack damage can inflict on enemy tanks. All gun parts have random bonus offensive abilities. All gun parts have different weights.


The Hull part provides Armors and HP. All hull parts have random bonus defensive abilities. All hull parts have different weights.


The Engine parts are perhaps the most important parts of all. The engine will determine the speed and bearing capacity of each tank, together with the maximum weight allowed from the remaining 3 parts. There will be 3 distinctive classes with total 6 types of engines.

Speed Class:

The Flash Engine Ever heard of the Zerg Rush? While these engines are not known for defense, these guys are built for speed. CHAMPION using Flash, believe in rushing in, firing on all cylinders, and ending the fight before you can even say Sugar Honey Iced Tea.

The Agility Engine The Agility Engine, though built for speed, are more balanced when it comes to defense. Ending the fight without taking a bullet is ideal, but wouldn’t it be better if you could still take a couple? Just in case.

Damage Class:

The Gunslinger Engine Like gunslingers of old, this engine is built for high damage output and movement. Pick a nice spot and rain fire on your enemies. Enemies coming too close for comfort? Move. Blast your enemies into oblivion while remaining one step ahead.

The Jericho Engine Tony once said the best weapon is the one that you only have to fire once. The Jericho Engine gives such a high boost in damage output that any gun fitted on it, instantly becomes a bigger gun. Who needs speed? Your enemies, when they run from you.

Defense Class:

The Brute Engine CHAMPION who has faced a Brute Engine tank and survived will tell you the same thing. “It doesn’t matter.” The Brute Engine, though built for defense, is no slouch in damage output. So, it doesn’t matter what your enemies do, the Brute will just trample through.

The Guardian Engine Guardians are the front line, they charge in, they take damage, and wear you down. Every team needs a Guardian. They are built to hold the line while the big guns deal the damage. The best Guardians keep the team alive. And it’s good to be alive.

6.2 Rarity of Parts


These parts have yet to undergo any modifications. As weak as they are, they at least fulfill their function


Rare Parts that have undergone an upgrade and are more efficient.


Epic parts have been infused with trace amounts of crude Brodium giving them higher bonuses.


Legendary parts are laced with purer Brodium giving them a huge boost in stats and bonus abilities.


Incredibly hard to come by, it is said that Champions who hold Mystic Parts have a true claim to be the Dominus of Earth Zero.

All parts can be traded at the in-game marketplace.

Gamers can also upgrade their parts into higher rarity parts by melting down parts for a chance to FORGE into higher rarity parts in the iron forge factory. The higher the level of rarity, the lower the probability of a successful forge.

6.3 Warchest

Brodiums are required to open Warchests in obtaining new parts. The cost of Brodium varies depending on the RARITY of the Warchest chosen.

6.4 Earth Zero Land

On Earth Zero, being a Dominus (Landowner) would be advantageous. It would mean having your own facilities to increase production of $AOT and Brodium to bring your CHAMPION closer to the ultimate prize

Gamers can purchase and own pieces of land on Earth Zero to deploy various military facilities. The land and facilities will be in the form of NFTs and smart contracts.

The game enables various possibilities for gamers to work on a shared goal and join resources to shape the Dark Earth ever-evolving ecosystem. Dominus can give permission to other gamers to cooperate and contribute to their land, allowing others to build together.

6.5 Brodium

Brodium is the in-game resource that can be farmed by playing PVE campaign conquest or battling in PVP Brodium battlefield. Brodium earned can be used to unlock various rarity mysterious warchest. Brodium earned are all tied to individual CHAMPION, therefore cannot be traded or transferred.

6.6 Energy

Energy is the essential resource required to play the game, all CHAMPION will have daily refresh energy to carry out PVE conquest and PVP conquer.

The daily energy threshold can be increased by owning multiple tanks (excluding common tanks). Further details will be updated in the near future. This energy allocation is to strike a true balance on how time, money and skills affect the “play to earn” aspect of the game

6.7 Turn-Based Card Battle System

Cards and skills to be updated in the near future.

6.8 Bonus Offensive and Defensive Abilities

Bonus abilities to be updated in the near future.

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