Developer Log

Patch Notes

9th Jun 2022

Combined Concats Academy with Guild

All Concats Academy functions are now integrated and combined with Guild

Fully functional guild system

  • Scholars can now utilise your Guild's tank NFTs to earn $A.O.T!
  • Apply to the Guild of your liking
  • Applications for aspiring Guild Masters will soon be opened. Stay Tuned.
  • Only 1 guild can be joined at any point of time
  • Once Guild Masters approved your simple application, you are in!
Read the Guild guide here!

Mail System for notifications on System, Guild & Marketplace activities

Be notified for all your activities on

  • System
  • Guild
  • Marketplace
For more on Mail System, refer here!

System Broadcast for successful bids on blindboxes

For more on System Broadcast, refer here!

Training Camp

Train and practise freely for 1v1 and 7v7 game modes without utilising any Energy!
For more on Training Camp, refer here!

Refreshing New Game Loading Screen

Upgraded Hangar Function - Tank Animation for an all-round 3D experience

Future Releases

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