Game Modes & Functions

Experience modes & functions available in Full Game!


PvE Campaign & Story mode

The highly anticipated PvE is finally here! 🥳

PvP Modes & Ranking

Read more on PvP Modes & Ranking and PvP Rewards

🏫 Guild

  • Guild Masters can establish new guilds and Scholars are able to apply to join Guilds
  • Missions for guild members will be assigned by individual guilds via Guild page
  • Scholars are able to rent tank NFTs with A.O.T Tokens as deposit
  • Rewards will be split based on contract agreement at point of rent
Within the next few updates, Facility NFTs and fully assembled Tank NFTs will be available for purchase directly in the Guild function!

Read more on Guild Function

🏭 Hangar


1. Properties

View the stats of your Tank NFTs

2. Assembly / Minting of Tank NFTs

For more on Assembling and Minting, refer to Age of Tanks NFTs

3.Forging of Tank Parts

Combine 2 Tank Parts of lower rarities to give rise to part of higher rarities!
  • In the above example, 2 guns of the same Epic rarity were selected for forging.
  • A successful forging! 2 Legendary guns have been forged into 1 Mystic gun!

Cost of Forging

Timer will be displayed during Forge duration

🛒 Marketplace

NFTs sell / buy

  • 5% creator royalties are deducted from all successful sellers
  • In order to ensure the fairness of in-game energy distribution, during the sale of Tank NFTs, the buyer will only receive the NFTs after 24 Hours verification, and on the following 6am UTC + Blockchain delay
For more on Energy Fairness Assurance, refer to Energy and Rewards

Blindbox Bidding

Let's start bidding for Blindboxes with your Brodium! Refer to Blindbox Bidding to learn more
Refer to Tank NFTs for more information on Blindbox!

💥Training Camp

  • Train and practise freely in 1v1 and 7v7 game modes without utilising any Energy!
Only Default Tank and Tank NFTs owned by gamers can be used in Training Camp

✉️ Mail System

Be notified for all your activities on

  • System
  • Guild
  • Marketplace

🌐 Metaverse

Districts of Earth Zero Metaverse
Are you ready? Be awed with facilities of Earth Zero Metaverse in each district!

Champion Centre (Demo)

Title Deed (Demo)